Comedian Matt Bellassai Lists All The Reasons Why Canada Sucks

People’s Choice Award winner Matt Bellassai takes on Canada in the latest episode of his popular video series “To Be Honest”.

Armed with a glass of red wine, Bellassai says it’s time Canada was given “a proper talking to” and begins to run down all his grievances with the Great White North and its fine people, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whom he refers to as a “hot male Spice Girl.”

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“Just because I would put my Canadian bacon in his delicate poutine doesn’t mean I’m just gonna sit here and let Canada act like it’s better than me all the time,” the American comedian rants.

He also believes the reason Canadians say “sorry” so much “is probably because they sent us Justin Bieber.” In fact, Bellassai doesn’t trust any of Canada’s “hot” exports, including Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, and definitely not “Canadian trojan horse” Shawn Mendes.

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Bellassai later blames Canadian icon Celine Dion for “sinking the Titanic,” attacks poutine, and says he isn’t convinced that moose are even real.



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