Billy Eichner is roaming the streets once again and it is nothing short of spectacular as Emma Stone joined him for the ride.

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“Billy on the Street”, a comedy series that sees Eichner running through the streets of New York City with a celebrity asking random questions of strangers, last aired in February 2017.

Now, the series is making a triumphant return with eight new episodes produced by Funny or Die and Lyft Entertainment.

The Academy Award-winning actress joined Eichner for the first episode, in which he asked strangers whether or not Stone should be on Instagram, among other things.

“You don’t have an Instagram?” one nonplussed fan asked. “Why not? How do you keep in touch with the latest things?”

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Also in the video, New Yorkers had a lot to say to Emma Stone about her films. One man revealed that he had seen “La La Land” five times, while another woman shared that she couldn’t care less if Stone was in a horror movie.

The best response was when a man said he loved her in the “Harry Potter” movies, mistaking her for Emma Watson.

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Check out the full video of Eichner and Stone surprising strangers on the street above.