James Corden poked fun at Kanye West and Lil Pump’s new “I Love It” music video as he opened Wednesday night’s “Late Late Show”.

The British talk show host donned a huge box suit like the rappers wore in their clip, with Corden and Reggie Watts even being kitted out in similar ginormous shoes.

The lyrics included, “This is the ‘Late Late Show’, you’ll love it,” before Corden went on to rap: “Desk and a chair, we follow Colbert/ Last week we had Cher, her talent so rare/ So fix yourself a drink, recline armchair/ Will you change the channel?/ I know you won’t dare.”

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Corden and Watts certainly aren’t the only ones putting their own spin on the new track, with social media users taking to Twitter in droves to upload their “I Love It” challenge clips.

See some of the posts below:

West’s latest video, which premiered Thursday night at the first-ever Pornhub Awards, was directed by himself and Amanda Adelson, as well as being executive produced by Spike Jonez.

West and Jonez have worked together previously on the videos for “Only One”, “Otis”’, “Flashing Lights” and the short film “We Were Once A Fairytale”.