Kevin Wendt And Astrid Loch Talk ‘Bachelor In Paradise’, Jordan And Jenna’s Relationship And Colton As The New ‘Bachelor’

Bachelor nation’s newest couple, Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch, have returned from “Bachelor in Paradise” and are ready to continue to live their normal lives together.

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But first, the couple took time out of their day to visit our studio in Toronto, speaking candidly with Cheryl Hickey all about their relationship and the latest “Bachelor” drama – including Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper’s notorious relationship.

“I personally don’t speak to Jenna so I don’t know where’s she’s coming from. We’ve read what you read, we actually don’t have any insight yet,” Wendt shares. “The last time we saw them it was at the reunion and they seemed very happy and very much in love.”

“I just feel bad for both of them because their relationship was very real and their feelings were real,” Loch adds. “Jordan was obsessed with her.”

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Although it seems like Jordan and Jenna’s relationship is on the rocks, Kevin and Astrid couldn’t be any more solid after getting back together following their big break-up on the “Bachelor in Paradise” finale.

“My anxiety came out. I was really really anxious about fantasy suites, about Neil Lane, about rings. I got engaged on TV before and I wasn’t prepared to do it again,” Wendt, 34, explains to Cheryl about their initial breakup. “It was just all me.”

When asked whether or not Loch could trust him again after the heart-wrenching split, she revealed that leaving the “Paradise” environment helped her and Kevin to think more clearly.

“I felt I got hit by a brick wall and I didn’t really know how to process all of it, but once I was removed from all of it and talked to my friends and family, I understood where he was coming from,” the 28-year-old says.

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Although Kevin’s “Bachelor” days are over, he says new “Bachelor” Colton Underwood is ready to start his journey for love.

“He’s definitely ready for this, I know it, he tells me this,” Wendt says. “But I think he’s gonna do his best to put the virginity thing aside.”

Find out more about Colton’s new role as the “Bachelor” in the video below.



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