Emma Thompson On Life And Love: ‘People Change And Life Changes’

Emma Thompson is showing her profound wisdom in a new interview with Vulture.

The two-time Oscar-winning actress, 59, is getting real about life, love and her frustration with romance.

Speaking about her new film “The Children Act”, which premiered at TIFF last week, Thompson compared her character’s relationship with Stanley Tucci to real life, “What we see in the film is the relationship between my character and Stan’s [Tucci] crumbling, and then a new one starts to grow. Which is what happens in all long-term relationships. Or if it doesn’t, someone’s in denial.”

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She added, “People change and life changes and you can’t have the same relationship as when you first met. When people say, ‘Our relationship has been bliss,’ I just go, “I don’t believe you.”

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"I find it incredibly exciting at the moment because this new generation of girls — Generation Z, I believe — are challenging me all the time. I’m learning new things. Gender fluidity is fascinating to me. Every time someone says you’ve got to learn words like cisgender or trans, or when someone asks me to refer to “thee” or “thou” I get so excited … We might have a generation — and God knows we need it — that may help us leapfrog the death throes of the old ways. I mean, Brett Kavanaugh coming is just f*cking hell, but at the same time other things are happening. You think about what might happen here with Roe versus Wade, and then also think about what happened in Ireland where abortion and gay marriage were made possible — extraordinary. The shifts in the sands of our development are so interesting at the moment." 〰️ Emma Thompson talks her new films, the lies women are told, and the two kinds of people in the world at the link in our bio. 📸: Austin Hargrave/August

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And same goes for romance according to Thompson, “I was angry about the lies and fairytales that were sold to young women—that romance was the be-all and end-all… It’s so annoying to be female and consistently going, ‘Have I got to see a f**king story again about a guy who does things that I’ve already seen a guy do a million times?’ So I’m bored.”

But at 59, Thompson “feels extremely fortunate,” “My dad died at 52. My uncle was 51. My sister-in-law, a couple years ago at 51. I’ve got quite a number of friends who have dropped off. You can’t take survival for granted.”

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And as she gets ready to turn 60 (in April), Thompson sees the bright side, “I think your 60s, if you are well, are the most fantastic decade. No more periods: resolved! Menopause over: hooray! Kids grown up: bye! Marriage, if you’ve managed that long — 20 or more years — you’re fine. So this should be one of the most powerful patches of your life, the youth of old age as it were. I’d say it’s the best bit ever.”

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