WATCH: A member of the Baltimore Ravens marching band was caught on camera air-drumming along to Rush’s ‘Tom Sawyer’

A short video of a man air-drumming Rush song “Tom Sawyer at an NFL game has gone viral, exploding with hundreds of thousands of interactions.

After Sunday evening’s game between the Buffalo Bills and the Baltimore Ravens, the man, a member of the Ravens marching band, was captured celebrating by air drumming (to near perfection) the 1981 classic rock tune.

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Toronto-based trio Rush called it quits last year after their longtime drummer, Neil Peart, announced his retirement. This may be the hero Alex Lifeson and Geddy Leeneed if they were to tour again.

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

Rush reached out to praise the man for his talents via Twitter saying, “the professor (Peart) would approve!”

Prescot Rossi, a Rochester-based sports reporter and anchor who regularly shoots for the Bills, originally posted the clip.

He responded after all the positive feedback and uproar. “I spotted him rocking during a timeout in the 1st quarter. It was so pure… I’m thrilled that so many people love this dude’s energy too.”

And people did love it, at least on Twitter.