‘The View’ Co-Hosts Question Julie Chen’s Return To ‘The Talk’ After Husband Les Moonves Is Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Rival talk show “The Talk” and its co-host Julie Chen were the hot topics on “The View” on Friday.

Following the sexual misconduct accusations brought against her husband, CBS Chairman Les Moonves, Chen, who also hosts “Big Brother”, signed off of the evening’s broadcast by calling herself “Julie Chen Moonves” – something the long-time broadcaster has never done.

“Is it a message?” Whoopi Goldberg asks on Friday’s episode of “The View”. “Is she saying ‘look, I’m standing by my husband?'”

“Absolutely, I think it’s really clear, she’s been the host of that show since 2000. We’re talking 18 years and she’s never signed off on ‘The Talk’ or ‘Big Brother’ using Moonves as her last name,” co-host Sunny Hostin replies. “I think it was a message saying, ‘I believe in my husband,’ much like the message that she put out on Twitter. I think she’s letting us know she’s still there.”

When reached for comment on Chen’s sign-off, CBS tells ET Canada they will not be commenting at this time.

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Though Chen has been absent from the latest season of “The Talk” since Monday in the wake of Moonves’ resignation over the weekend, the women of “The View” question her ability to return to the talk show.

“I think it’s going to be hard for her to go back to ‘The Talk’,” Joy Behar explains. “What topics can they do? They can’t talk about the #MeToo movement without her coming clean about her husband.”

“If someone says your husband has a problem, how do you then go back and sit next to that person who made this judgment call about your spouse?” Hostin adds.

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In the discussion, Abby Huntsman says no one can know “what’s going on behind closed doors” when it comes to the couple, though she does hope Chen will address the allegations and her decision to support Moonves.

“What I would love for her to do is to use that as an opportunity to be transparent, to be real, to talk to people about what maybe she’s been through and it hasn’t been easy for her, why she’s standing by him,” Huntsman says.

Meanwhile, on Monday’s episode of “The Talk” Sharon Osbourne addressed Chen’s absence, telling the audience she was “taking time off to be with her family.” Osbourne also added that just because Chen was a member of “The Talk” family, doesn’t mean any discussion of Moonves would be off the table.

“It’s very embarrassing and upsetting to talk about her husband, but we do. We feel it’s right,” she explained.

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