‘Big Brother’ Double Eviction Comes As No Shock To Haleigh Broucher And Brett Robinson

Sometimes a double eviction is absolutely unexpected, but other times you can see it a mile away.

The latter was the case for new evictees Haleigh Broucher and Brett Robinson. The two houseguests were the most recent victims of Global‘s “Big Brother 20”.

Haleigh was the last remaining member of her alliance. When asked if she expected her eviction, the college student from Texas told ET Canada, “Absolutely. I knew that they had picked us off one by one and I was the last one standing. I was basically in a shark tank. That is why my eviction wasn’t that shocking.”

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“I think I trusted Kaycee the most,” Haleigh said of her remaining opposition. “But when it came down to it she would never have loyalty to me over anyone on her side.”

The youngest player in the house made an impressive 86 day run. She admitted her alliance did not have the most impressive showing, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I wish I had made it further within the game, but the people I aligned with I did so because I felt comfortable with and they were the most accepting and kind to me,” Haleigh confessed. “Does that mean they were great game players? No. You never know who is going to make it to the end until you get there. I love my little evicted alliance.”

As mentioned earlier, Haleigh was not the only victim of “Big Brother 20” on that eventful day. 25-year-old cybersecurity engineer Brett also found himself exiting the house.

“I made a move that was either going to take me to the end or blow up my game, and it blew up my game,” he told ET Canada, echoing a sentiment similar to Haleigh. “I’m just happy I made it this far.”

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Brett was hoping “the double eviction played out with JC or Sam winning HOH, and they would nominate Kaycee and Angela or Tyler and Angela, and I would skate by untouched.”

The outspoken houseguest was not shy about which of the top five he wants to next see join the jury: “Tyler, and then Angela after that.”

“Big Brother” airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT and Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global. You can also watch full episodes online.

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