British TV Presenter Speaks Out After Being Slammed For Smashing Children’s iPads

British TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp has spoken out after she was slammed for saying she’d destroyed her two sons’ iPads.

The 47-year-old, best known for presenting shows including “Location, Location, Location”, appeared on Jeremy Vine’s show Monday, where she wasted no time in discussing her boys; 12-year-old Bay and Oscar, 10.

However, after she told how she’d smashed the devices up when the boys broke the rules for playing video games, Allsopp admitted she was met with a torrent of online abuse.

Defending her decision, Allsopp has since written in the Daily Mail: “If anything makes the case for keeping young people away from computer screens, it is the abuse I have received this week. The viciousness with which some people have responded is out of all proportion to the alleged offence.”

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“My boys have access to motorbikes, all sorts of knives, old swords, axes and tools,” she added, insisting they didn’t need to constantly be on an electronic device.

She continued to say of the iPads: “I have had them mended so we can access films and photos, but they will never be returned to the boys.”

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Allsopp said of the night in question, “That night, Oscar lay in bed with big fat tears pouring down his face. ‘You are supposed to be in charge of everything that makes me happy, how could you do that?’

“It was heartbreaking. I cried, too. But I explained that nothing good could come of staying indoors playing computer games.”

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