Anna Kendrick Recalls The Time She Called Barack Obama An ‘A**hole’

Anna Kendrick solved a mystery that’s been bugging Stephen Colbert for years: what did she say to Barack Obama when she met the president a few years back that made the president double over in laughter?

Joining Colbert on Friday night’s edition of “The Late Show”, the “Pitch Perfect” star revealed what happened to elicit the response depicted in the photos she posted on Instagram.

“I got an email saying, ‘Hey, do you want to meet the president?’” Kendrick began. “Naturally, I said, ‘Of what?’ and they were like, ‘The country, you idiot.’”

Joking she was the “loser of the group” because she was the first to arrive, she recalled chatting with a Secret Service agent about growing up in Maine until Obama finally showed up. In his remarks, Obama made reference to her movie “Up In the Air”, which he lauded for examining “the economy and the recession.”

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Later, Obama greeted Kendrick and said, “I hope I didn’t embarrass you earlier?”

Her joking response: “Yeah, you’re such an a**hole.”

She then told the president that she was the first person to arrive at the event. “And I start to talk about his Secret Service agent and he goes, ‘Are people from Maine really punctual?’ And I was like, ‘You didn’t know that? You’re the president,'” she quipped.

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