Maya Rudolph Claims Some Of Her White Male ‘Saturday Night Live’ Colleagues Would Make Fun Of Her Hair

Maya Rudolph admitted some of her male “Saturday Night Live” colleagues would comment on her hair as she spoke out about having to spend hours on altering the texture of it for the show.

The 46-year-old told the New York Times Magazine that she would have a “Friday night blow-out appointment” with her friend Jodi Mancuso, who ran the hair department.

She then went on to say that every week she’d hear “some white guy” making the same remarks.

Rudolph, who starred on “SNL” from 2000 to 2007, explained: “[The blow-dry station] was on the same hallway as a lot of the dudes’ dressing rooms. And every [expletive] Friday night, we’d hear some [expletive] white guy walking down the hall going, ‘Is something burning in here? What’s burning?’ I’m like — I’m. Get-ting. My. Hair. Done.”

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Not ending the chat there, Rudolph also said of her pre-“SNL” jobs: “Every time I’d work, they’d be like, ‘I really don’t — like, can I touch? — I really don’t know what to do with your hair.’ They would just say the most awful, disgusting things.

“My hair was natural when I started ‘Saturday Night Live’, but it was so thick to get under the wigs.”

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The actress’ candid chat also saw her suggest that she felt like some of her white “SNL” castmates would automatically bag some of the better roles.

She told the publication, “There were times I was frustrated, like, ‘Why can’t I [expletive] just play that role?’ But obviously the person next to me that’s white is going to play that white character.”

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