According to Katie Hurley, the accident happened because the vehicle was moving at an excessive speed.

“The van was driving too fast. Because it happened on the estate a speed limit can’t be enforced so we ask people to use their common sense, but he didn’t,” she tells the Mail.

“Amazon clearly thought we’d give up and go away. All we ever sought were the vet’s bills. But they kept trying to deny it was their fault and tried to blame it on the driver not being an employee of theirs,” she points out.

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“So last week I was forced to threaten legal action and they then agreed, pretty quickly, to pay the bill.”

Elizabeth Hurley issued a brief statement about the matter: ‘[Amazon] have finally settled the bill and it has taken them nine months to do so. That’s all I can say about it.’

Meanwhile, Amazon tells the Mail that the van involved was contracted, but assured that the matter would be “resolved to the satisfaction of the customer.”

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