Soon-Yi Previn is standing by her husband Woody Allen.

Allen’s career has been significantly affected by allegations of sexual assault brought forward by his daughter Dylan Farrow. Recently, Amazon Studios reportedly shelved the release of his new movie “A Rainy Day in New York” with Selena Gomez and Timothee Chalamet.

But Previn says Dylan and Mia Farrow are frauds in a new op-ed published by Vulture.

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“I was never interested in writing a Mommie Dearest, getting even with Mia — none of that,” Previn said, “but what’s happened to Woody is so upsetting, so unjust. [Mia] has taken advantage of the #MeToo movement and paraded Dylan as a victim. And a whole new generation is hearing about it when they shouldn’t.”

Previn also echoed Moses Farrow’s sentiments about Mia’s abusive parenting. “I’d never taken a bath by myself because in the orphanage it was a big tub and we all got in it,” she explained. “Here, it was for a single person, and I was scared to get in the water by myself.

“So instead of doing what you would do with an infant — you know, maybe get into the water, put some toys in, put your arm in to show that you’re fine, it’s not dangerous — she just kind of threw me in,” she continued.

Previn was adopted by Farrow and then-husband Andre Previn in 1978 and began a romantic relationship with Allen in 1991. To complicate matters further, Allen and Farrow were in a long-term relationship at the time.

“I am a pariah,” Allen told Vulture. “People think that I was Soon-Yi’s father, that I raped and married my underaged, ret**ded daughter.”

Dylan and Ronan Farrow defended Mia in two separate statements. “I owe everything I am to Mia Farrow. She is a devoted mom who went through hell for her family all while creating a loving home for us. But that has never stopped Woody Allen and his allies from planting stories that attack and vilify my mother to deflect from my sister’s credible allegation of abuse,” Ronan wrote.

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“I’m angry that New York Magazine would participate in this kind of a hit job, written by a longtime admirer and friend of Woody Allen’s,” he said. “As a journalist, I’m shocked by the lack of care for the facts, refusal to include eyewitness testimony that would contradict falsehoods in this piece, and the failure to include my sister’s complete responses. Survivors of abuse deserve better.”

Dylan released a full statement on Twitter.

Previn and Allen wed in 1997.

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