Anderson Cooper Slams Donald Trump Jr. For ‘Lies’ About Hurricane Coverage

Anderson Cooper is shutting down claims of “fake news” from the U.S. president’s son.

On Sunday, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out a 2008 photo of Cooper in Houston covering Hurricane Ike.

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The photo, along with Trump Jr.’s caption, suggested that Cooper was “lying” about the extent of flooding from Hurricane Florence in order to make his father look bad.

On his CNN show Monday night, Cooper explained that while he usually refrains from responding to conspiracy theorists, this time he felt it was important because it was the president’s son spreading the rumours.

“I know he considers himself an outdoorsman and pays a lot of money to be led to wildlife in Africa that he then kills,” Cooper said of Trump Jr., “but I’m not sure if he’s actually been to a hurricane or a flood. I didn’t see him down in North Carolina over the last few days helping out, lending a hand, but I’m sure he was doing something important besides just tweeting lies.”

The anchor also hit back at some of the other nasty comments the photo had received on social media.

“Some guy said I was on my knees to make it look deep and then went on to say that I was used to being on my knees, which I assume is some sort of anti-gay reference,” Cooper said. “Very classy.”

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After explaining that the photo was an old one, and not in fact from the recent hurricane that ravaged the Carolinas, Cooper explained why he was standing in such deep water.

“You can argue I didn’t need to be standing in waist-deep water,” he said. “I could have been standing on the road by the camera crew. But, again, I didn’t want to be roaming around on the highway interfering with rescue vehicles in any way. I also wanted to show people how deep the water was and how dangerous it is for anyone driving.”

Finishing up the segment, Cooper added, “Look, I don’t expect the president’s son to ever admit that he was wrong or one of the president’s advisers, or frankly anyone else who’s retweeted any of these pictures but I at least thought that they and you should know the truth.”

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