When you mix a renowned children’s author in Dame Jacqueline Wilson, who has sold over 40 million copies of her books worldwide, with the charisma of Russell Brand, you know the resulting film is going to garner a ton of attention!

Russell and co-stars Paula Patton and Matthew Goode just wrapped up filming in Dublin, Ireland — and we’ve got the exclusive behind-the-scenes video of all the prep!

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“Four Kids and It” is an adventure story about four children who are horrified to learn that their beach holiday is, in fact, a bonding trip with their potential future step-siblings engineered by new couple Alice (Patton) and David (Goode). During an argument, they accidentally find a Psammead, a magical, sandy, grumpy creature called IT (voiced by Michael Caine) who can grant them one wish a day — only to see the wish cancelled as soon as the sun sets. The kids must learn to work together and choose their wishes wisely after an evil villain (played by Brand) makes it his mission to steal the Psammead for himself.

Keep an eye here for details on the exciting project as we get closer to a 2019 release date!