Ellen DeGeneres Gifts Simon Cowell ‘Helmet Hair’ For His New Cycling Hobby

Ellen DeGeneres just gave “helmet hair” a whole new meaning.

The always thoughtful day-time talk show host had the perfect present for Simon Cowell’s new cycling hobby. The “America’s Got Talent” judge joined DeGeneres’ program on Tuesday and spilled the beans on his newfound love for la bicyclette, as they say in French.

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“First of all, you shouldn’t call it cycling, it’s an electric bike,” DeGeneres mocked. “No, you still have to cycle,” Cowell argued to no avail. “Well also,” Degeneres continued. “You should be wearing a helmet.”

Cowell tried to sneak his way out of that one. “That is a helmet,” he said with a straight face. “That looks like my hair. It’s a helmet,” chuckled Cowell.

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In an effort to help the “American Idol” personality get over his helmet hair fears, DeGeneres presented him with a helmet adorned with a wig designed after his own head of hair. Needless to say, Cowell lost his composure.

Cowell, 58, also opened up about how he gave up his cellphone a year ago and feels much more in the present relying on a pager.

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