Report: Machine Gun Kelly Tricks Fans Into Flipping Off Eminem

Fall Out Boy fans are not happy.

Machine Gun Kelly added another layer to his ongoing feud with Eminem. On Monday, MGK posted a photo of himself flipping the bird and wearing a shirt featuring artwork from Eminem’s diss track “KILLSHOT”.

Behind him, a stadium full of fans extended their middle fingers out in unison. “He missed,” Kelly captioned the Instagram post, adding the hashtag “#legshot.”

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But it is all a ruse according to multiple fans online. One person who attended the Fall Out Boy show — for which MGK served as the opening act — said the “Rap Devil” artist tricked the crowd into taking the photo.

“MGK took this photo in front of the Fall Out Boy audience that was waiting for them to come on stage and do their set,” the user commented. “He was wearing a jacket when he asked the crowd if they would put up their middle fingers for a picture, he turned around to take the jacket off and they had no idea what shirt he was wearing.”

“He couldn’t pull a crowd this big, of course they were excited,” the concertgoer continued. “They were waiting to see the band that they actually paid for!”

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And that is not the only controversy surrounding MGK’s feud with Eminem. A handful of people online believe the entire feud was fabricated in order to sustain the success of Eminem’s surprise album Kamikaze and give Machine Gun Kelly a much-needed rub.

Producer Ronny J. is listed as a producer for “Not Alike”, the song Eminem dissed MGK on. Ronny J. is also credited as a writer and producer on MGK’s rebuttal “Rap Devil.”

Furthermore, both artists are signed to subsidiaries of Interscope and people argue there is no way either song got the greenlight without approval from the music powerhouse.



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