Monica Lewinsky Reaches Out To ‘Rap God’ Eminem To Participate In Anti-Bullying Campaign

Eminem has been involved in plenty of collaborations over the years, working with artists ranging from Ed Sheeran to Rihanna to Bruno Mars and more. If Monica Lewinsky has her way, however, she’ll be Slim Shady’s next collaborator.

That’s because the former White House intern, whose affair with Bill Clinton was at the centre of his impeachment hearings, has reached out to the “Rap God” on Twitter to enlist Eminem’s involvement in an “anti-bullying campaign” she’s working on.

In recent years Lewinsky has established herself as an anti-bullying activist. In October 2017, she debuted a PSA that illustrates what the world would look like if ugly Twitter-trolling behaviour were used in real-life situations.

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“The internet is an incredible tool that has allowed for unprecedented connection and the instant sharing of ideas. But in occupying a disembodied, digital space, we also risk losing our humanity and forgetting that other people are beyond the screen,” said Lewinsky of the PSA.

“This campaign is a wakeup call to remind people that our instincts for empathy and caring are still strong. We just need to consciously extend that thinking online.”

As of Wednesday morning, Eminem has yet to publicly respond to Lewinsky’s request.

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