Reese Witherspoon And ‘Queer Eye’ Star Jonathan Van Ness Laugh About Their Social Media Obsessions

“Big Little Lies” meets “Queer Eye” is the cross-over you never knew you needed.

Jonathan Van Ness invited Reese Witherspoon onto his “Getting Curious” podcast for a discussion that is sure to make your day a little better.

The two vibrant personalities traded notes on their nonstop social media activity. “It’s a problem,” Witherspoon confessed. “I am a little obsessed with, like, looking at it.”

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Content lives forever on the Internet, and although that may be to the detriment of some celebrities, it’s the whole reason Witherspoon can’t get enough. “I am obsessed with memories,” she shared, noting how she was a member of her middle school’s yearbook committee.

“Sometimes I am really trying to say something,” Van Ness chimed in, revealing he spends almost 40 per cent of his day connected. “But then other times I am like, ‘I am feeling a little like meh I’ll post a topless pic and a heel cause I know it’s going to make me feel cute.'”

Van Ness took the rare opportunity with Witherspoon to ask for advice. “My life has like wildly changed in eight months, this is, like, a very different — like, I am sitting in a room with Reese Witherspoon in a little recording salon in West L.A.,” the “Queer Eye” star confessed. “Like, if you had said to me at this date, like, last year that this is what I’d be doing, I’d be, like, no.”

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“Take a lot of pictures and write it all down please,” Witherspoon recommended. “I didn’t take enough pictures.”

“If something major happens, write it down, you’re going to want it remembered. It’s important for yourself that these moments matter and it’s a part of this beautiful thing in your life,” she continued. “You’re going to meet so many people and you’re on this incredible journey.”

Despite originally being billed as a limited series, HBO renewed “Big Little Lies” for a second season set to premiere in 2019. Season three of “Queer Eye” will also premiere next year.

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