Willie Nelson Talks Sinatra, Politics, And Who He’d Like To Get High With On ‘The Late Show’

Country legend Willie Nelson bestowed a great honour upon Stephen Colbert on Wednesday’s “The Late Show” when he invited the host aboard his world famous tour bus, Honeysuckle Rose.

The 85-year-old singer sat down with Colbert to chat politics, the legalization of marijuana, space travel, and his new album My Way, a tribute record to Frank Sinatra, who was a friend and inspiration to Nelson.

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“He’s my favourite singer and I read somewhere a couple years ago that I was his favourite singer, too. We did a commercial together, many years ago for NASA,” Nelson explained, much to Colbert’s confusion.

“You don’t see advertising for space that often… what was about it, that you two liked space so much?” the host asked. “I don’t know,” Nelson pondered. “Somebody asked us to do this commercial together and I thought, Why not and he said, ‘Why not,’ too.”

When asked if he’d ever want to go to space, Nelson quipped, “No… I’ve been there!”

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Colbert also asked Shotgun Willie about his support of Texas Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke, who is hoping to unseat Ted Cruz in November. Nelson, who will play a rally for O’Rourke on September 29, has faced a backlash from some fans for his endorsement of the Democratic candidate.

“People will sometimes get upset because I’ve got a vote, too,” he said. “Opinions are like a**holes: everybody’s got one.”

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Nelson, who is a big-time political activist, explained that O’Rourke isn’t the first candidate he’s endorsed and is unlikely to be the last. “I’ve endorsed a lot of people: Jimmy Carter, Dennis Kucinich, and Hillary and Bill, Obama,” he revealed. “A lot of people seem surprised that I’m backing a candidate, but it ain’t my first rodeo.”

One area of politics close to Nelson’s heart is the legalization of marijuana, and so, of course, Colbert asked the music icon which celebrities he’d most like to get high with, a list that included Snoop Dogg, Meryl Streep, and even Pope Francis.

Later in the show, Nelson joined Colbert in the studio to perform “Summer Wind” from the My Way album.

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