Brie Larson Has The Best Response To Troll Who Photoshopped Smiles On Captain Marvel

Some people really hate it when women are being serious but Brie Larson is confronting misogyny head-on.

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Earlier this week an online troll by the name of Turd Flinging Monkey tweeted a series of images from the upcoming “Captain Marvel” with Larson’s face Photoshopped with a smile.


The post soon went viral, with many online slamming the clear sexism.

Eventually, one Twitter user decided to respond with an eye for an eye, Photoshopping smiles on a number of male Marvel stars on their films’ posters.

Larson apparently saw the post with the men smiling and decided to share the images herself on her Instagram story.

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Fans on Twitter applauded Larson for the dig.

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