Rob Lowe Shares Details Of His Road To Recovery From Addiction On ‘Dr. Oz’

Rob Lowe is speaking openly about his scandals, his struggles with addiction, and how he got himself back to a healthy place.

The “Parks and Recreation” star is appearing on “The Dr. Oz Show” Friday for a frank conversation about his journey to recovery.

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In a preview clip from the show, Dr. Oz asks Lowe what made him reach out for help 28 years ago.

“Well, you know, I believe that God and the universe work in mysterious ways and I met a friend, who is a drug interventionist,” he recalls. “Her job was to take people who needed help and, you know, put them away in a rehab. I was like, ‘That’s so fascinating. Tell me more about this,’ and I literally kept her card in my wallet for a year.

“And then, my grandfather got very, very ill. My mother called me on the phone. I remember not wanting to pick up the phone because I was not in the best shape. And I thought, You know what? This is no way to live my life, and I went to my wallet, picked up the card, called it, and the rest is history.”

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Oz also asks what the hardest part of recovery has been for Lowe.

“Everybody’s road is going to be different, you know? I was lucky. I got it the first time,” the actor says. “A lot of people don’t. And that’s not good or bad, it’s just everybody has a different process.

“Here’s the thing: You can’t get recovery or sober for your mom, your dad, your boss, your lawsuit, whatever it is,” he advises. “You can only do it when you’re ready, so that’s the great challenge for parents. All we can do is keep the sort of bumper rails on the bowling alley until they’re ready.”



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