French Montana On Working With Drake For ‘No Stylist’: ‘It Just Came Together’

French Montana is opening up about working with Drake for the third time.

The longtime pals have previously collaborated on “Stay Schemin’” and“Pop That”, and have just released a brand-new collab, “No Stylist”.

As Montana explained to Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio, whenever he and Drake get together in the studio, the music flows.

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“I actually came to Miami when he [Drake] was working on his album,” Montana recalled. “I just played him my music from my album, and he heard ‘No Stylist’ and fell in love with it and he was like, ‘This is the one you and me should come out with.’”

According to Montana, it’s all about the “vibes,” explaining: “Some people make music but you could tell they’re not friends we make music and me and him kind of like the same things in life, you know what I’m saying? We from the same era, so it just came together. “

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In fact, Montana insists that the duo’s love of making music together is the sole reason that “No Stylist” even exists.

“I mean, with people like us at this level of our career like we don’t do stuff for money anymore. Where we at now is more like we don’t do stuff unless we love it unless it feels right,” he added. “But I love that I’m in that space that we can make classic music. We always come together once a year and do one of those special ones, you know.”

Listen to their new track “No Stylist” above.

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