‘Timeless’ Finale Movie Will Basically Be Two Big Episodes: ‘Why Don’t We Just Do What We Always Do?’

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

That’s apparently the thinking behind the upcoming “Timeless” TV movie that will wrap the series, and executive producer Eric Kripke shed some light on the series’ swan song.

“That shoots in October, I think about mid-October. Arika Mittman, who did the lion’s share of the showrunning in season two and was really quarterbacking a lot of it, will be doing that,” Kripke told Collider. “She’s captaining the ship, in a really great way”

Fans of the show have been on a long and emotional rollercoaster, with this TV movie serving as the final peak before the ride rolls to a stop.

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“Timeless” was cancelled at the end of its 16-episode first season, only for NBC to change its mind and order 10 new episodes for season two after an outpouring of fan support. The network cancelled the show again after its second season, but that same fan fervour led to the network’s decision to wind things up with movie-sized finale.

“It’s basically the equivalent of two episodes,” the executive producer explained. “As a matter of fact, we tried, at one point, to do one long historical period to last over two hours, and then eventually, Arika wisely said, ‘Why are we doing this? Why don’t we just do what we always do, which is spend an hour in two different time periods?'”

Look for the “Timeless” movie to air some time next year.

“And so, though they’re connected and though it’s one long mythology story that plays over both, they really are, in effect, two time periods of ‘Timeless’ that they visit, and we’ll shoot each one,” Kripke continued. “We shot eight-day episodes, and this will be a 16-day shoot. It will be exactly like two more episodes of the show.”

The creative team behind “Timeless” is very aware of fans expectations and look to deliver something that can live up to the hype.

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“The short answer is that I don’t know if there’s anything we can do that will make them finally say, ‘Oh, that’s great! I’m gonna close that chapter of my life.’ There’s a certain amount of shocking turns, and we tried to let it build to something and provide a certain amount of closure, and give you a sense of where these characters go,” said Kripke.

“We tried to put a period at the end of the sentence, but not so much that the door isn’t open for further adventures, down the road,” he inisisted.

And expect “Timeless” to go down swinging: “Anything is possible. I’m really proud of that show.”

“These are some scary times, and I think that show is a force of positivity, and inclusion and diversity, in a world that, frankly, desperately needs it,” the executive producer stated. “I’m really proud of the message of that show. I’m proud of its heart. And everyone else who works on it feels the same. I think we’d be happy to find a way to continue that story.”



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