Angela Rummans Admits Her ‘Big Brother’ Eviction ‘Just Sucked’

As the 20th season of “Big Brother” heads for the home stretch, Thursday night’s eviction episode saw Angela Rummans handed her walking papers.

Speaking with ET Canada, the 26-year-old fitness model admitted she had a feeling the writing was on the wall when JC won the HOH competition

“I was extremely disappointed,” she says of JC becoming Head of Household. “I knew that one of us was going home. I just sucked because I was not able to compete in it. It was totally out of my control. It broke my heart when he won because I knew one of the three of us was going home.”

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With Kaycee casting the decisive vote, Angela tells ET Canada that she gets why she voted the way she did.

“Honestly, she was in a final two with Tyler since day two even before Level Six was formed so I do understand her decision,” she continues. “All I really can say is that I think that when it comes to the jury house I am more disliked than Tyler. I think I have more blood on my hands.”

Speaking of Tyler, does Angela see their showmance turning into something more once they’ve both left the “Big Brother” house?

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“I honestly do not really know where things are going to go,” she admits. “It is really hard to build your relationship when you are living through a filter. When everyone can hear everything you say. We will have to have a conversation about things he said and didn’t say in the house. We will have a conversation and see where it goes. Stay tuned…”

Once her life returns to some semblance on normality, does Angela think she’ll be excited or nervous about watching the season as a viewer instead of as a participant?

“I am a little of both,” she explains. “I’m excited because I know there was so much going on in the house that I had no idea about. At the same time I am super nervous to watch it because I am super critical of myself.”

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“Big Brother” airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Global, followed by the 90-minute season finale on Wednesday, Sept. 26, at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on Global, immediately following the 90-minute season premiere of “Survivor”. You can also watch full episodes of “Big Brother” online.

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