Following its bow at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month, Netflix’s “Outlaw King” has received a 20-minute trim but Chris Pine’s nude scene is intact.

Rushing to get the film ready for the film festival, director David Mackenzie presented a 137-minute version, which played to underwhelming reviews with most of the positive buzz reserved for a glimpse — 12 frames to be exact — of Pine’s penis.

After the chilly TIFF reception, Mackenzie has made it clear that the streaming giant didn’t pressure him to trim the film. The director himself admitted the movie needed a cut after watching it on the opening night of the fest.

“I could feel what the audience was like in the theatre,” he tells Deadline. “I’m sensitive to the way they felt.”

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In the film, Pine plays 14th-century Scottish “Outlaw King” Robert The Bruce who, though outnumbered, opposed the occupying British army and pushed them out of his territory. Now, when “Outlaw King” arrives on Netflix on Nov. 9, it will clock in at a more audience-friendly 117 minutes.

Mackenzie returned to the editing room three days after TIFF for the much-needed trim but confirms Pine’s full-frontal bathing scene didn’t end up on the cutting room floor, though he questions what the fuss is all about.

“I can’t understand why people get worked about that. I made 10 films and most of them had male frontal nudity; it’s a bathing scene, and people do tend to get out of the bath without clothes.”

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The director hopes audiences and critics will find the pacing of the trimmed version better, asking those who caught it at TIFF to give it another watch.

“It’s worth another look, and I encourage critics who saw it and didn’t connect with it to see it again,” Mackenzie says. “It has a different sense since it’s under two hours but it’s still very much an epic.”