BTS Deliver Powerful Self-Love Speech At UN Assembly: ‘I Want To Hear Your Voice’

All seven members of the Korean K-pop group BTS gathered to deliver a self-love speech at the United Nations’ 73rd General Assembly on Monday.

Kim Nam-Joon, known by his stage name RM, took the stand with his group mates to discuss their “Love Myself” campaign with UNICEF at the UN’s “Youth 2030” event.

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“BTS has become artists performing in those huge stadiums and selling millions of albums, but I am still an ordinary 24-year-old guy,” RM began. “Maybe I made mistakes yesterday, but yesterday’s me is still me, and today I am who I am with all of my faults and mistakes.”

RM urged listeners to find the confidence not only to stand up for themselves but to take on global issues.

“Let’s all take one more step. We have learned to love ourselves, so I urge you to speak yourself,” he said. “No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin colour or gender identity, speak yourself, find your name and find your voice by speaking yourself.”

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He added: “I have many faults and I have many more fears but I’m gonna embrace myself as hard as I can and I’m starting to love myself, gradually, just little by little.”

Watch the full speech above.

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