Pete Davidson Slams ‘F**king Douchebag’ Chevy Chase Over Disparaging ‘SNL’ Remarks: ‘A Genuinely Bad, Racist Person’

Chevy Chase has developed a well-earned reputation for burning bridges with his outrageous comments, and recently made headlines by blasting the show that made him a star in a scathing interview with the Washington Post.

In the interview, the 74-year-old Chase slammed “Saturday Night Live”, which he left during the show’s second season more than 40 years ago.

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“I’d have to say, that after the first two years, it went downhill,” Chase said, pointing to recent episodes. “I’m amazed that [exec producer] Lorne [Michaels] has gone so low. I had to watch a little of it, and I just couldn’t f**king believe it,” he continued, adding: “That means a whole generation of s**theads laughs at the worst f**king humour in the world. You know what I mean? How could you dare give that generation worse s**t than they already have in their lives? It just drives me nuts.”

On Monday, current “SNL” cast member Pete Davidson was asked about Chase’s comments during his appearance on SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show”, and let’s just say the 24-year-old comedian was wise to avoid a career in international diplomacy.

“He’s a f**king douchebag,” Davidson said of Chase, holding nothing back. “F**k Chevy Chase… he’s just a genuinely bad, racist person and I don’t like him. He’s a putz.”

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Davidson had a few more shots for the “Fletch” star.

“What has he done since ’83? Nothing,” Davidson continued.

“He had a big career and then it stopped because everybody realized he’s a jerkoff,” he added. “He should know more than anybody. It’s disrespectful to Lorne [Michaels] too, a guy who gave you a career. No matter how big you get, you can’t forget what that guy did for you.”

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Meanwhile, the fiance of Ariana Grande also got candid about the pros and cons of being engaged to an internationally famous pop star.

“I got a death threat,” Davidson told Stern. “Someone wanted to shoot me in the face because she’s so hot. You know how insane that is? It’s like, ‘Am I that ugly that people wanna shoot me in the face?’ They’re like, ‘F**k that guy.’”

Check out this clip of Davidson revealing how he and Grande first met:

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