Emma Stone Cuddles With Adorable Rescue Dogs On ‘Colbert’

Like anyone with a heart, Emma Stone completely melts around adorable pups.

The “Maniac” star was on Global’s “The Late Show” on Monday and helped host Stephen Colbert show off a bunch of actual rescue dogs up for adoption in a segment called “Rescue Dog Rescue”.

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Stone and Colbert each took turns holding up a dog and telling a ridiculously false story about its background. One of the dogs directed the 2015 Best Picture Oscar winner “Spotlight”!

Later in the show, Stone sat down for an interview and had one of the pups from earlier, Dwayne “The Dog” Johnson, sitting on her lap.

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The actress talked about her show “Maniac”, including shooting an episode inspired by “The Lord of the Rings”, in which she was done up to look like Orlando Bloom’s character from the film series.

While discussing Colbert’s “Lord of the Rings” obsession, the two kept getting distracted by Dwayne’s cuteness, especially when he fell asleep and didn’t want to wake up.

Tune in to Global’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT, and watch past episodes online here.



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