“The Room” mastermind Tommy Wiseau is the Joker in a mini-remake of “The Dark Knight”.

With his friend and “The Room” co-star Greg Sestero stepping into the role of Batman, the duo try to decipher “Wiseau serious?” for Nerdist. The video comes after Nerdist offered up an audition video for Wiseau to become the DC Comics’ Universe’s next big villain earlier this year.

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Adapting one of “The Dark Knight”‘s most engaging scenes in which Batman confronts the Joker, Wiseau and Sestero deliver a shockingly decent short film. With Wiseau’s trademark mannerisms and speech patterns, the Batman villain is equally unnerving and silly – just like his comic book counterpart. And while Sestero channels his best Christian Bale-growl, he might want to keep producers on stand-by should Ben Affleck vacate the Caped Crusader role.

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