UPDATE: Friday, Jan. 15 (11:05 p.m.) – Steve Harvey made headlines last month when he made an epic blunder at the Miss Universe pageant, and now for the first time he’ll be chatting with the two women at the centre of the flub — newly crowned Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach from the Philippines and first-runner up Ariadna Guiterrez from Colombia — when they’ll visit The Steve Harvey Show on Jan. 18 and 19 for a two-day event.

Harvey promises a no-holds-barred discussion in which he says he’ll answer every question that comes his way, and reveals why he hasn’t done amy interviews about the incident.

“The reason I didn’t do any interviews or anything was because I wanted to talk to the women first,”; Harvey says in the upcoming Monday’s episode. “Regardless as to how I felt, I was still stuck on them two women. I really was, man, ’cause I got daughters.”;

Stealing the spotlight from 16 of the most beautiful, talented, and well spoken young women from over 83 countries is no easy feat and this time around, it’s a feat host Steve Harvey is wishing he never accomplished.

The veteran comedian made headlines after mixing up the first runner-up and Miss Universe title winner live on stage.

“I feel horrible for the fans. It was a mistake. It was just an honest mistake,”; Harvey said after the broadcast. “All I could do was, when I got that and I started reading the card, was just turn back around and try to fix it,”; he continued.

“The dishonourable thing would have been to just leave it like it was… but we’re not that way. It didn’t deserve to happen that way, but it happened from an honest mistake,”; Harvey said.

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Announcing first that Miss Colombia was the winner, the card, which Harvey later showed for Fox network cameras to see up close, actually showed Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo was the first runner-up, leaving Miss Philippines the 2015 title winner.

Confused, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach stood in disbelief as she walked to the front of the stage. The Miss Universe winner explained how she was feeling after the show.

“When they announced that they made a mistake with the announcement of the winner, that’s when I got a little bit confused. I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on. I did not expect that at all. You can see from my reaction, I didn’t know whether to go up in front of the stage so I was a little bit hesitant as well because I wasn’t sure if the announcement was finally right,”; she says.

“I was waiting for cues from the floor director. And I looked back and the girls behind me were saying, “Go! Go! Go in front.’ So that’s when I walked to the front of the stage and I was just waiting for my crowning moment.”;

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And speaking of her crowning moment, there was one shining Miss Universe beacon who couldn’t help but pipe up regarding the live blunder.

Donald Trump tweeted that a mistake of this magnitude “never would have happened”; under his watch.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsDespite Trump’s insistence that this would have never happened had he still been a part of the show, the current Republican Presidential candidate has no ill will towards Harvey, telling the Today Show, “Steve Harvey is a great guy…things happen, it’s live television.”; Suggesting a different “very cool”; alternative to the way things ended, Trump also noted that he would have made the two women “co-winners”;.  


The competition started with women representing 80 countries between the ages of 19 and 27. For the first time, viewers at home weighed in, with their votes being tallied in addition to four in-person celebrity judges.