“What’s happening here tonight?” Aguilera asked the crowd before inviting “two special people” on stage: Ben Lear and Mike Kontomanolis.
“I want to share this with you guys,” Xtina told the audience, as seen in the fan-shot video above. “I have a really special surprise that’s happening tonight.”
RELATED: Demi Lovato Helps Friend Propose At Her ConcertGetting emotional, Lear turned to Kontomanolis. “I could not have imagined you could have a better moment than [with] this woman, who has inspired you throughout your whole life and has brought you so many things,” he said of Xtina, thanking her for “being an inspiration to not only everybody here but to him,” referring to Kontomanolis.

Next, Lear dropped to one knee and procured an engagement ring from his pocket.

“You’re kind, you’re beautiful, you’re loving,” he told Kontomanolis. “Six years ago, you proposed to me and you gave me the opportunity to say yes. Tonight, in front of Christina, I’m going to ask you the same question.”

Overcome with emotion, he said yes.

“Oh, my God!” exclaimed the excited singer. “Congratulations!”