Tom Hardy Says MMA Fighter Conor McGregor Inspired His New Role In ‘Venom’

Tom Hardy is opening up about his latest role in the upcoming “Spider-Man” spinoff film, “Venom”.

For the new fantasy-thriller, the 41-year-old British actor plays journalist Eddie Brock, who acquires the superhuman strength and power of an extraterrestrial symbiote and merges with the dark alter-ego of Venom.

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Speaking with Irish multimedia organization RTE, Hardy says that he drew much of his inspiration from Irish professional MMA fighter Conor McGregor.

“The studio wanted somebody who could fight, which they always do in these sort of hero movies,” he explains. “They want somebody who can have scrap. Conor obviously wants to have a scrap with everybody, so that’s useful.”

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The actor clarifies: “It was not Venom; he was not based on him. There were more elements of Eddie Brock which needed to be pinned on somebody who’s incredibly handy physically. And, obviously, Conor is incredibly handy physically.”

Responding to a question about whether McGregor would be “offended” to be his inspiration, the “Mad Max: Fury Road” actor says, “Conor doesn’t strike me as the type of person who might be that bothered.”

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Meanwhile, opening up about his other muses for the role, Hardy tells the publication that he also looked towards “the neuroses of Woody Allen” and drew on “bits of Harrison Ford as well from ‘Indiana Jones’.”

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