Ted Danson is a forward looking guy.

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Appearing on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” Thursday night, the “Good Place” star was asked point blank whether he would want to see his classic sitcom “Cheers” rebooted.

“No,” Danson answered very directly.

“Okay, is there a reason?” Meyers asked, to which the actor replied simple, “Yes.”

Asked to elaborate, Danson said, “It’d be… people in their ‘70s in a bar going, ‘What? What? A Horse walked into a what?'”

The 70-year-old then suggested a “Cheers: The Old Age Home” reboot instead.

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Danson also credited the success of “Cheers” to the show that helped it get there – “The Cosby Show”.

“The reason why ‘Cheers’ became a top-10 show was because of ‘The Cosby Show’,” Danson said. “It elevated everything. It was a great show and it’s a horrible thing that he did – not my place to vote on that. But the show had other actors and it was an amazing show. I think it’s okay to say that.”

Meyers agreed, saying, “You know, it’s not at the top of the list of the price that’s been paid by the awful things that he did, but it is strange that this thing now will be forever tarnished.”