CNN Founder Ted Turner Reveals Lewy Body Dementia Diagnosis

Ted Turner, the media mogul and founder of CNN, is opening up about living with a progressive brain disorder.

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In an interview with Ted Koppel on “CBS Sunday Morning” set to air this weekend, the 79-year-old says he has been diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia, according to Deadline.

“It’s a mild case of what people have as Alzheimer’s,” Turner explains. “It’s similar to that. But not nearly as bad. Alzheimer’s is fatal. Thank goodness I don’t have that.”

Describing his symptoms, Turner says, “Tired. Exhausted. That’s the main symptoms, and forgetfulness.”

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Asked about what he think of the current state of CNN, Turner says, “I think they’re stickin’ with politics a little too much. They – they’d do better to have – a more balanced – agenda. But that’s, you know, just one person’s opinion.”



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