Report: Masseuse Accuses Kevin Spacey Of Sexually Assaulting Him

Kevin Spacey’s legal issues are getting even more complicated.

A masseuse is reportedly suing the disgraced “House of Cards” star after Spacey sexually assaulted him.

The Blast and TMZ obtained legal documents in which the plaintiff, identified only as John Doe, reportedly said he was called to a private residence to give Spacey a massage.

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The masseuse is said to have been led upstairs to a room with Spacey at which point the actor locked the door. When asked if any areas were troubling him, Spacey allegedly said he was experiencing discomfort in his groin region.

Doe asked Spacey to lie on the massage table face down, but said the actor opted to lie face up. That is when things allegedly got really troubling.

Spacey allegedly grabbed the masseuse’s hand and pulled it towards the two-time Oscar winner’s “scrotum and testicles.” The plaintiff gave Spacey the “benefit of the doubt” and continued massaging him. That is when the actor is said to have forcefully attempted to have Doe “rub his penis, scrotum and testicles.”

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“What are you doing? This is ridiculous,” Doe supposedly said as he backed away from the table. “You have such beautiful eyes,” Spacey responded, per TMZ, as he stood up naked and approached Doe.

Spacey, now 59, allegedly approached Doe and attempted to kiss him, offering to give the masseuse oral sex. Doe reportedly managed to grab his table and make his way out of the room.

Doe is reportedly suing for sexual battery, battery, assault and false imprisonment. Spacey has already been investigated for multiple sexual misconduct accusations in both the U.S. and England.



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