‘Narcos’ Stars On Modern-Day Parallels Between Pablo Escobar And El Chapo

Netflix drama Narcos has captivated viewers, catapulting them back to the 1980s to chronicle the rise of notorious Colombia drug lord Pablo Escobar.

ET Canada caught up with the stars of the critically acclaimed series, including Wagner Moura, who plays Escobar. According to Moura, the business of narco-trafficking is basic supply and demand, and government policies on drugs have simply allowed new drug lords to rise and fill the void after Escobar’s eventual capture.

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“If we are still dealing with drugs the way we are, I mean the policies towards drugs which is basically the war on drugs, which is also basically killing young people in poor countries,” says the Brazilian actor.

“If we still keep this policy we will always have El Chapos,”; adds Moura. “We will always have Pablos. It’s not going to stop by putting an El Chapo in prison — which is where he should be, by the way — or killing people like Pablo Escobar. It’s never going to end. It’s about time to rethink the way we are dealing with drugs, you know, with the policies towards drugs.”

This opinion is shared by Boyd Holbrook, who plays DEA agent Steve Murphy, who says the stories of Pablo Escobar and El Chapo are “completely linked. It is a bit stranger than fiction and I think that’s kind of the going phrase, “You know, El Chapo, I don’t think he would be who he was if it wasn’t for the fall of Paublo Escabar.’ Because the other cartels didn’t want to keep transporting it to the States and having that risk and so it’s called the trampoline system, which is, they gave it to Mexico and you guys deal with it and we will just process it and make it and grow it and do all that but you guys can do the hard dirty work. And I think that’s the sort of evolution of the schizophrenic, sort of, sales and cartels that they have there.”;

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Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones) plays a DEA agent trying to bring Escobar down, and he says that the facts behind Narcos are indeed stranger than fiction. “I think the appeal of the show, for everyone, primarily is it’s very hard to believe that these things happened and all within most of our lifetimes,”; says Pascal.

“And every time you see something on the show that is stranger than fiction, you can’t believe, there must be contrivances there. We have the footage to prove it; we have the actual archival footage to show you that it was exactly as we say it was. This thing with El Chapo in these last few days, in this is an example of that as well. It isn’t a history that is totally behind us it’s happening now — Sean Penn, the jungle, you know what I mean?”;

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