Child Actor Henry Thomas Reveals Reason He Took A Break From Hollywood After ‘E.T.’

Child actor Henry Thomas has spoken out about his decision to take a break from the limelight after shooting to fame aged 11 in “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”.

Thomas, now 47, appeared on U.K. morning show “Lorraine” Monday, where the presenter quizzed him on what it was like to experience the showbiz life at such a young age.

The star said when asked about taking a step back from the industry after starring as Elliott in the 1982 film: “I did, yes. It was mostly voluntary but I think the overwhelming fame scared the hell out of my parents and my mother, who was very much into living a rural life, was not pleased at having to pack up and go off with me.”

Henry Thomas starred in the 1982 flick “E.T.”
Henry Thomas starred in the 1982 flick “E.T.” — Getty

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Thomas also discussed the first time he showed the much-loved movie to his kids.

He shared, “This is kind of sad, but I had kind of set it up as a big reveal because they hadn’t seen the film and I thought I’d introduce them to ‘E.T.’ and they wouldn’t know it was me.

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“And when it started I said ‘do you recognize that fellow right there?’ And my daughter, who was eight at the time, turned around to me and said, ‘Yes, dad that’s you. We know it’s you. We’ve already seen the preview on one of our DVDs, this is the movie you made when you were a kid.'”

The actor then said his face dropped, before admitting: “Then I was off to the kitchen.”

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