Taylor Swift Meets Autistic 8-Year-Old 2 Years After Donating $10K For Service Dog

Taylor Swift has demonstrated her generosity to fans time and again, and she just did it again.

Two years ago, Swift donated $10,000 to the family of a five-year-old boy with autism so they could buy him a service dog.

Swift finally met the now-eight-year-old boy, Jacob, face to face after her recent concert in Houston, Texas, for which he, his dog Reid, mother Allison Hill and sister Jordan Fox received front-row tickets and backstage passes.

“Taylor Swift was so kind,” said Hill in a Facebook post by Autism Speaks.

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“She said Reid was a big puffball and so cute,” added Hill. “She was especially awesome with Jacob. She didn’t see my son’s disability she just saw him.

“We feel so blessed! Taylor is such an amazing person for doing this for us… again! Jacob made it through almost the entire concert. Taylor is such an autism advocate, we love her!”

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