Twitter Users React Hilariously To Report That Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Got Into A Bar Fight After UB40 Concert

Another day, another embarrassing beer-related story from Brett Kavanaugh’s past.

As the FBI investigates claims of sexual assault levelled against the controversial Supreme Court nominee in the wake of his Senate testimony last week, one of his Yale classmates is alleging that Kavanaugh’s sworn testimony that he never drank enough to black out is not entirely accurate.

According to a report in the New York Times, Kavanaugh was once questioned by police due to his involvement in a bar brawl that left one of the participants injured and hospitalized.

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According to former Yale student and alleged Kavanaugh drinking buddy Chad Ludington, he and Kavanaugh were among a group of people who attended a concert by reggae band UB40 in 1985 and headed to a local tavern after the concert.

As Ludington recalls, the group were drinking heartily when they spied a fellow bar patron that they felt resembled UB40’s lead singer and stared at the man to figure out if that was indeed who he was. The man (not the lead singer of UB40, by the way) became uncomfortable with the staring, and words were exchanged, at which point Kavanaugh allegedly threw his beer in the man’s face.

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Ludington says that a brawl then broke out, with Kavanaugh later questioned by police about his involvement (he was neither arrested nor charged).

The story elicited some predictably hilarious reactions in the Twitterverse:

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