Illeana Douglas Speaks Out About Alleged Les Moonves Sexual Assault: ‘He Put His Tongue Down My Throat’

Illeana Douglas has spoken out after accusing Les Moonves of sexual assault, with the actress discussing the allegations during an appearance on Tuesday’s “The View”.

Douglas, 53, claimed she’d been offered a part on a CBS sitcom called “Queens” when Moonves, 68, who has since stepped down from his CEO position, invited her into his office for a private meeting.

She said the 1996 chat “led to him jumping on top of me and putting his tongue down my throat [while] pinning me down on the couch.”

Douglas shared, “When it starts to happen to you you just go on this auto pilot. I’d heard about casting couch experiences, but I hadn’t come from that. I’d come from an artistic bubble of doing low budget, independent films.”

“I respected him, I thought of him as a father figure. I would have had no concern about the fact it was just he and I in the meeting.”

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She continued, “The human body doesn’t want to go, ‘Oh my God, something bad is happening to me right now.’ Instead you deny, deny, deny.”

Douglas added of what happened after the alleged kiss, “Once he saw I wasn’t participating, he stopped. I just wanted to get out of the room. He said, ‘We’re gonna keep this between you and me, right?'”

She added, “I got to my car and I broke down crying.”

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Despite then receiving a phone call from her manager to say Moonves found their meeting “fun,” CBS ended up axing her from the sitcom the next day due to “poor performance.”

Douglas’ “The View” appearance comes after she said in a New Yorker piece earlier this year: “What it feels like to have someone hold you down – you can’t breathe, you can’t move. The physicality of it was horrendous.”

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