Developed by ex-boxer and fitness guru, Nate Bower along with professional dancer Danny Davalos, Drip50 alternates every two minutes between high intensity boxing and hip hop dance moves.

Initially Bower created Drip50 Hip Hop boxing, as a YouTube video he could do with his son, Jaden. Being a former boxer and his son a great dancer, it seemed to be a great way for the two to share their fitness and talents to the world in an online workout. The similarities, and differences, between boxing and hip hop makes it a very interesting dynamic with lots of room for creative growth.

Enter Danny Davalos – a well-known Toronto choreographer and owner of O.I.P Dance Centre. Taking choreography he used with mega stars like Rihanna, Ricky Martin and Shakira, Davalos and Bower fused the intensity and power of boxing with the rhythmic energy of hip hop dancing, to create a high intensity workout that’s always changing.

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Nate and Danny rotate through one minute sets, consisting of boxing combinations and hip hop grooves, designed to warm-up your legs and get your heart pumping.


After completing six to eight rounds, the class moves into two-minute alternating rounds which consist of rhythmic boxing combinations, conditioning and the building of hip-hop choreography. In any given class, participants can look forward to taking 8,000 steps and throwing 3,000 punches!

It’s here where you learn awesome boxing combinations, moving directly into hip-hop dancing, maxing out your heart rate. Nate and Danny call this the Drip50 effect… it’s the feeling you get from the high energy sweat, the accomplishment of finishing and most importantly having a blast while working out!

Watch Sangita try Drip50 below!

Or if you’re on a mobile device, watch here.

Clothing for Nate and Danny provided by G-star raw Toronto.