Pamela Anderson was invited to address French ministers on Tuesday to promote a proposed law banning the force-feeding of animals.

The animal rights activist and PETA ambassador spoke before the MPs at France’s National Assembly, highlighting the cruel process behind beloved French specialty, foie gras.

“[W]e need to evolve beyond barbarism and ignorance, and to be blunt, foie gras is simply a diseased liver and that disease is called hepatic steatosis or fat liver disease. What this means is that these animals are forced to suffer excruciating pain and diarrhea, inflammations and injuries throughout their short lives until the day they are slaughtered,” she explained. “What we see in the stores are sterile tins of a product all packaged neat and pretty, masking the reality of what is really inside.”

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MP Laurence Abeille of France’s Green Party worked alongside the Bridgitte Bardot Foundation in convincing Anderson to promote the ban in France. The proposed law would see the end of force-feeding in ducks and geese.

The former “Baywatch”; star went on to challenge the French ministers to defend the rights of animals, saying, “historically France has blazed a path on many fronts for human rights, for freedom, for conservation and the environment. Now is the time to champion the rights of animals to be free of suffering.”

She continued, “I would like to respectfully call for the abolition of an industry that profits from horrific misery and abuse to produce a product that is toxic to not just the bodies of those that consume it but is also toxic to the hearts and souls of all of humanity.”

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While Anderson’s appearance has brought a tremendous amount of attention to the cause, not all ministers were impressed by their famous guest. “I’m totally indifferent to her. To me she represents everything I dislike including the superficial … she does no honour to the institution I am privileged to have a seat in,” MP Jean-Michel Clement told France Bleu radio.

The professional association representing foie gras producers, Cifog, expressed shock over the celebrity intervention. Calling her appearance “indecent,” they said they were “astonished that an elected member of the Republic should pull such a publicity stunt by choosing an American actress from the 1980s to condemn the production of one of the jewels of French gastronomy and culture”.

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The French political party ‘Hunting, Fishing, Nature, Tradition’, meanwhile, delivered a sexist replied to Anderson and Abeille’s endeavours, saying that they would rather eat “birds inflated with silicon to the fine geese filled with the corn of the Landes and the Périgord”.

This isn’t the first time Anderson has been invited to speak before international government figures. In December, she fought out against whale hunting at the Kremlin in Moscow.

Watch footage of Anderson’s speech below. On mobile? Watch it here.