Jane Hawking, the first wife of the late physicist Stephen Hawking, is criticizing the 2014 biopic “The Theory of Everything”, which was based on her memoir Travelling to Infinity.

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“I knew if there were mistakes in the film that they were going to be immortalized, which they have been,” Hawking said, speaking at the Henley Literary Festival this week, according to The Guardian.

“I found that very irritating and I didn’t want it to happen. Don’t ever believe what you see in films.”

Hawking was especially dismayed by the film mostly skipping over the logistical difficulties of her ex-husband’s ALS, including travelling to conferences abroad with their three children in tow.

“The film really only shows that part of our lives in Cambridge,” she explained. “Our many foreign travels were ignored altogether – for example, our honeymoon was spent at a physics conference at Cornell University in Upstate New York.”

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“I asked for a frenzied fast-forward version – even simply getting all the suitcases, wheelchair, and passengers in the car to represent this aspect of our lives,” she said, “but I was told this was not possible because of the time constraints.”

When the film was released, Hawking also had some criticism of her portrayal in it: “I didn’t seem to have any friends or relations at all,” though she said it was “a beautiful film.”