Jimmy Kimmel Responds To Dig From Kanye West In Which His Name Is Used As A Verb

Jimmy Kimmel wants to know what’s wrong with “Jimmy Kimmel-ing the situation.”

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On his late-night show Tuesday, the host played a clip from Kanye West’s recent interview with Harvey Levin on “TMZ Live” in which the rapper stopped Levin from cutting to a break after a tough question, saying “We’re not going to Jimmy Kimmel the situation.”

West was referencing an incident during his appearance last month on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” when the host questioned his support for Donald Trump, which seemed to stump the rapper before a cut to commercial.

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Responding to the dig, Kimmel said, “I honestly don’t know whether I should be flattered or offended by that.

“I always thought interrupting somebody in the middle of speaking was called a ‘Kanye West’,” the host joked. “I didn’t know it was a ‘me’.”



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