Chelsea Peretti is calling it quits on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, sharing the news in a trio of tweets to reveal she’ll be exiting the cop comedy at some point in its upcoming sixth season.

In her tweets, Peretti, 40, informed fans she “won’t be doing a full season” of the show when it returns at midseason, adding: “But that doesn’t mean I won’t ever be back, winky face emoji, heart emoji.”

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Admitting that she finds it difficult “to know exactly what to say,” Peretti shared a copy of the statement that Emmy Rossum issued about her decision to leave “Shameless”, highlighting the pertinent passages in bold.

Peretti was missing from several episodes in the show’s fifth season when she and husband Jordan Peele (“Get Out”) welcomed their first child, with her character, Gina, temporarily written out of the show when she too became pregnant and took maternity leave.

Following her announcement, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” showrunner Dan Goor likewise tweeted a statement about Peretti’s exit.

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Admitting he’s sad to see her leave, Goor teased the storyline that will usher Gina from the precinct, stating that he and the show’s writers “have tried really hard to create a storyline for her departure that lives up to a character who can only be described as ‘The human embodiment of the 100 emoji.’”

Goor also echoed Peretti’s comments hinting at Gina potentially returning at some point. “I know for a fact this isn’t the last we’ll see of Gina Linetti,” he added.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the show’s return after it was cancelled by Fox after five seasons and then subsequently resurrected by NBC, where the sixth season will air in early 2019.

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