Halsey Premieres New Song, Talks Relationship With G-Eazy: ‘I Belong To No Man’ Motto Gets Complicated When ‘You Love Someone’

Halsey is number 1 in Halsey’s eyes, usually.

The 24-year-old singer-songwriter sat down with Beats 1‘s Zane Lowe to premiere her new song “Without Me”. Halsey — real name Ashley Nicolette Frangipane — also opened up about her on-again-off-again relationship with rapper G-Eazy.

Halsey’s new song offers a deeper look at the person behind the moniker. As Lowe described, “Without Me” is the first time the artist has “ever written as Ashley and not as Halsey.”

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“It’s not protected by some character or some subplot. This is really me talking about my life,” Halsey said. “It kind of gave me an existential crisis as an artist a little bit because I’ve prided myself on being an artist who’s authentic and writes about her life. And then when I made this and I felt just how bad it hurt.

“It made me question myself as an artist may have even been accessing this part of you,” she expressed.

Halsey also addressed her romance with G-Eazy, reminding the public that a headline on a news article can’t accurately describe who people are.

“I’ve beaten myself up about what people think about me and about what people think about it,” Halsey confessed. “And so, in a weird way this relationship has been one of the most liberating things that have ever happened to me because it made me put my phone down and go, ‘I don’t care what you think because this makes me happy.’

“We’re people,” she stressed. “It’s like you text your best friend and you’re like, ‘I’m done with them, I’m never talking to them ever again.’ And then your dumb sorry a** is back hanging out with them again next week, too. If you’re doing it, so am I.”

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A line in her 2015 song “Hurricane” goes a little something like this: “I’m a wanderess, I’m a one-night stand/Don’t belong to no city, don’t belong to no man.”

“That’s always been my M.O. is, you don’t belong to anybody but yourself,” Halsey elaborated. “And then, of course, you know, situations like this complicate things when you love someone almost as much as you love yourself… maybe more.”

Listen to a snippet of Halsey’s new song “Without Me” — her first solo release since 2017’s “Bad At Love” — above.



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