Nick Kroll Plays Brett Kavanaugh’s Preppy Yale Bro For Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert is getting to know college-age Brett Kavanaugh, thanks to a few of his old friends.

After former classmates of the controversial Supreme Court nominee came forward with tales of drunken behaviour, “boofing”, “the devil’s triangle,” and partying, which contradict his own testimony, Colbert wanted to hear directly from one of his former Yale bros.

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Playing the role of “Squish”, an argyle sweater-clad Nick Kroll defended his old pal “169 per cent” and listed the activities the old “drinking buddies” were known to enjoy, including “Beach Week, Squeeesh Week, Keg Club, Boof Troop, Panty Posse, Barf Brigade – AA for a period – we even co-founded the UB40 Fan Club.

“UB40 stands for ‘up butt 40′. That’s how we drank 40-ounce beers at Yale, dude,” he explains. “Did you know your mouth has more germs than your butt? Ivy League education.”

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But Squish is standing by Kavanaugh, defending his character during this “unfair” time.

“It’s a dangerous time to be a bro! First, they came for the Kava-dog but you know who they can come for next? Your son, your husband, your father, your nephew, your grandpa, cause I’ve partied with all those dudes and they did some nasty stuff.”




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