Chrissy Teigen is the latest celebrity to take on the “Hot Ones” challenge and uses the most unorthodox approach to the wings of death ever seen.

The 32-year-old model kicked off season 7 of the popular YouTube series on Thursday. Rather than chowing down on the spicy chicken wings, she decided to smother them in hot sauce and lick them clean.

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With her mouth on fire, Teigen gave her hot takes on Twitter trolling, clickbait articles, career accomplishments, and her new cookbook, Cravings: Hungry For More.

Explaining why she once tweeted that “Nutella is s**t,” the entrepreneur said that despite people thinking hazelnut is good for them, they’re essentially eating chocolate in the morning

“It’s like the mimosa of foods. You just wanna drink a mimosa in the morning, which is fine, but… that’s what I have to say about Nutella.”

In terms of food she recommends, Teigen had high praise for the turkey leg and tomato soup at Medieval Times.

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Teigen, who is well known for her Twitter game, also gave her thoughts on websites taking her tweets and turning them into full-blown articles.

“I have to love it because it’s why I am who I am; those kinds of stories get me on shows like ‘Hot Ones’, which is great,” she explained, “but it is annoying, because, on Twitter, people follow you and know your humour, and once that gets translated into a story everyone’s leaving comments like ‘Who cares?!’ And that’s what I’m saying, ‘Who cares?’ It was just a dumb tweet. It wasn’t meant to be some kind of thinkpiece.”