Paulina Gretzky, In Her Own Words

Paulina Gretzky looks prim and proper in a nude Reed Krakoff sweater and skirt set on the February cover of Flare magazine, far removed from the glitzy girl we see through her social media outlets.

The daughter of Canadian hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, Paulina is dishing to the magazine about everything from her music career to the close bond her family shares and if there’s any truth to the rumour her dad made her quit Twitter.

“I’m doing a tonne of music right now, but until I love it, I’m not gonna put it out there”; the 23-year-old says.  But it seems that loving it isn’t the only hurdle she has to jump through right now, “I had a deal with Universal Canada, which I was so, so excited about but unfortunately things happen where it just doesn’t work out.”; Adding, “I can say for 75 per cent sure that my single will be released in Canada first. I’m co-writing it.”;

And what is Paulina doing in the meantime? “I just did Adam Sandler’s movie, Grown Ups II.  My part is very small, but there’s a great little cast around me: Taylor Lautner, Patrick Schwarzenegger and Alex Ludwig from The Hunger Games. There were a bunch of people my age, and we were funny fraternity/sorority people.”;

But, Paulina maintains she’s “not by any means rebellious,”; and refers to the rumour that her dad Wayne was the driving force behind why she took a break from Twitter saying, “Everybody’s trying to put words in my father’s mouth, that he’s punished me for certain things that never happened and it’s absurd to me.”;

The real story?  “”;…it was November and I remember the day so perfectly. I was with my brother and we were going to see a movie and I was going through a little bit of a break up and I was upset about it. And I told him, “I just kind of want to disappear’ …so he said “why don’t you just turn it all off’ and I thought, “you’re right’. It was a sigh of relief—to get away from the internet and to get away from people knowing what I was doing.”;

She also says that her special family bond is what really makes her happy: “All I know is that my mom, my dad, my three brothers and my baby sister are the foundation of my life. My family, that’s who matters to me.”;

To read more from Paulina’s interview, pick up the new issue of Flare when it hits newsstands and watch the behind-the-scenes below!

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